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Anthony Consulting formed in February 2007 with the objective of providing a focused, quality and personalised business solutions and services.

Now, with the dawn of a new millennium and the business environment changes so swiftly, shaped not by the local nor regional forces but globally. In a globalised world, we could not afford to ignore such prominent threat! Thus, chartered accountants perceived as the square faced bean counters, have continuously evolved and even metamorphose to change from merely providing a service to building a relationship. We at Anthony Consulting is a breakaway firm and has the culture to build a long term working relationship, like a business partner! Our culture of relational approach, we aim to providing a focused, quality and personalised business solutions.
Anthony Consulting’s vision – Aims to be a leading specialised advisory firm which turns knowledge into value for the utmost benefit of our clients, people and communities.
  • Thinking of reducing your overhead /staff costs ?
  • How much do you spend to set up/maintain your accounting function in the Company (e.g. software, computer &etc.)  ?
  • Do you know that the staff costs are increasing every year ?  
Why not outsource your accounting function to us ! Below are the advantages of outsourcing –
Reduced Costs from Specialisation
Outsourcing your accounting function to us is to identify opportunities for cost reduction. Our firm could provide quality accounting services at a fraction cost. With our specialization in accounting areas, less time lost of your staffs in learning accounting system and therefore less training time and cost incurred and also supervision is easier. In business world,
Time Lost = Money Lost (Time value of Money)

“you use less, you pay less”
Outsourcing cost is like paying utilities bill- “you use less, you pay less” – valued for money services. In short, our fees are solely based on time cost and no hidden costs. Also, you are not required to buy any accounting/payroll software and hardware because all these expenditure would be absorbed by us
Because of the “you use less, you pay less” business concept, we are guaranteed you that by outsourcing your accounting function to us will definitely have a cost savings of between10% and 50%. Beside that, we would provide add-valued services for the compliance of the keeping sufficient records for future tax audit to be carried out by tax authorities.   

Focus on Core Business
As you think that accounting function merely for complying statutory requirement and reporting purposes, then outsourcing would be your best choice. This is because the principle of outsourcing is to focus on the supporting role. By doing these, its would allowing the top management to concentrate on the strategic issues. 
By outsourcing your accounting function to us so that your top management can focus on the business expansion plan, rather than being diverted into time-consuming tactical supporting issues.
 Prevention of Internal political problems (Payroll and Other Human Resource Function – Preparation of Borang E and Borang EA)
In your organization, there is salaries/wages information which is sensitive to your staff. The consequence of these information are not well managed which may lead to sub-optimisation behaviour of employees (i.e. laziness due to unfair reward and demotivated). This sensitive information must be confidential and well kept as to keep away from disseminating. Outsourcing is also serve as a preventive action as to avoid this internal political problems arised.
Leave it to the Qualified Professionals. Feel free to contact us to arrange for an appointment.



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